Life in Constraints !

   You may not be quite happy with the title of this post, which i originally intended was ‘Life better in Restrictions’, which you won’t like either. By ‘restrictions’, i mean the rules, the confinements, the pull backs, lack of luxury, unfavorable conditions etc. I realized(or say made up) this weird twisted concept from the observations of the college life, the daily events and through me.


   I know you probably are thinking about what exactly i’m trying to say here. Its quite simple. “The restrictions are more helpful than we think it is.” Newton’s third law seems to work here, that the restrictions may provide an equal & opposite Likeness (Reaction), as much as your hatred towards it. Consider the numerous examples of stories of great personalities , great scientists doing their learning under streetlight, lived in poor conditions, has been denied the formal education, being hungry for days etc etc. What would’ve happened if they were given all those facilities, what if they are not in constraints of money and facilities. Things would’nt have been the same. Constraints force us to work beyond it, force us to defend it, force us to overcome what constraints limits us, and it drives us.
There has been a time in my life where i had a very slow computer, no internet connection (only some rare visits to the cafe) etc. Now i have a Fast computer, High speed internet connection and everything else. But i used to do more than double the productive work in those past, than right now although everything else remains pretty much same. Those constraints pushed me to do things, so that i could getover the slownessness of the computer and the lack of internet connections. I used to upload more than twice from a cafe than i’m doing right now with all day internet connection. I call it ‘Constraint Effect’. I completed the editing work of our college tour quickly, due to the 30 day trial version of Adobe premiere pro cs3.

   So the next time some guidelines or rules tries to bug you, feel that you lack the tools and abilities, frustrated by having a poor life Remember the constraint effect. Don’t try to fight against it, but get over with it. You will realize the rewards later.

(A video by Petri purho, game developer of Crayon physics game, has also talked on similar subject of ‘Why being poor good for making games’. check his website

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