Improved Technology = Advanced Laziness !

   The Title may give you an impression of me as a Anti-tech activist who fight against the technological development and upholds traditional methods. Sorry, i don’t belong to that category. Neither do i belong to the other one, where they search and drool over every new updates, versions of gadgets as a mission of their life.


       As a science student, I’m a believer of newton’s action-reaction law, the law of conservation, the equilibrium and stability. I often applies these laws to real life situations [not the apple-fall like stuff!] that came across me. So far everything applies as far as my constraints and error tolerances.
       There has been a time when the need is a machine to reduce the work. But now things have changed. Now there is no priority for ‘Need’, but ‘Need’ itself is imposed on the customers for the needs of profit for the companies and Employers. The need to use a particular technology as itself as a NEED. Thanks to the Ads and other psychological exploitation which has been far more successful in getting humans to their path.
New technologies(most of them are) are in constant competition to provide the best products to make life easier. As if life was harder without these products. We can’t stop this phenomenon, but just sit and watch as the world goes to an exponentially rising laziness curve. Because, its the only way the employers of the big companies and hence the society, can get their daily food.

[To be Continued]

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  2. Sandy says:

    Laziness is not the only by-product of technological advance. Longer lifespans, healthier lives and faster communication are also made possible by technology. For those of us who remember the time when mobile phones were only owned by the rich and powerful, and parents had no way of knowing why their child was late from school, technology is not so much of a problem as it is a solution.

    Yes, it does promote laziness, but in my opinion, laziness is not a bad quality. It gives you more time to think about abstract or philosophical things, ask the bigger questions, or just play games and enjoy life more. As far as we know, each one of us gets but one life, isn't it better if we can enjoy rather than suffer through it?

    • I don't understand on what perspective you take the Definition of 'Laziness'. Lazy people are being Lazy to think about abstract & Philosophical things ! Then einstien would've been the Laziest Guy in history i hope .. Enjoy Laziness, Enjoy Life… Not the kind of Laziness i think of .. 🙂

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