The Mega Project Begins !!

Finally exams are over which paves way to kickstart our final year project, nicknamed as the MEGA Project. Well its not a Himalayan project as it may sound, but the mini project was nicknamed MICRO project, so obviously the next one would be Macro/Mega, and latter sounds Cool.

The iTouch Logo [Created in InkScape]
     Honestly speaking, this is a project inspired by [or Remake] of a project done by Cornell Students, which again is inspired by ‘Tone Matrix’ flash project, as opposed to our Mini project ‘Who system’. The project is titled, ‘Multimedia Touch tone Matrix with Waterjet Equalizer’, or codenamed as “iTouch” , in remembrance of the late Steve Jobs. Touch to create music and see the water shoots up, defining it in a single sentence.
     As opposed to what the tamil remake of telugu films have been doing, we like to level up from what they have done. Their version includes a Touchscreen, Atmega 64 microcontroller, 9X9 LED matrix and speakers. In our version it is planned to do the sound Synthesis via computer because PWM isn’t really a good option for small crystal frequencies or the test results weren’t satisfactory.
     Sound synthesis, after some search, ends up with either Scilab or Pyo, a Python module for signal processing, mainly sound. Pyo doesn’t seem to be an active project, but is a fully developed one, although i find no full projects done with it. I guess i’ve to start one !!
     We decided to build a 16X16 matrix along with Stereo Amplifier and speakers. For Waterjet Equalizer solenoid valve will be a solution, but availability is a concern. Well project testing have already started, although in theory. As well as the saying goes, doing something is better than busy doing nothing, and what saying is that anyway !!

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