Pakistan and the Dirty pictures

Well everyone knows pakistan is a country with a majority of muslim community. As per the religious teachings and values, the portrayal of women other than the palm-and-face showing, Loose & fully covering costumes is far above unacceptable along with dirty and abusive words. So it is not surprising the movies like The Dirty Picture and Delhi Belli were banned in pakistan. I don’t see anything interesting here until i read the reactions by the producer.
She says something like they are afraid of strengthening of feminine expression. Wait right there, does the above guidelines isn’t enough to get a ban. Secondly, this is a film based on story of a Sexy Glamourous actress. If being Glamourous and Sexy is strengthening of women, why censor board gave an ‘A certificate’ for this noble Cause. Its Quite funny actually, and it gave me something to write on my blog.
Is it even necessary to show that film in a country where the actress is unknown. And moreover If that’s a Bold movie and remembrance of a great actress, why not i see any Families or more Ladies around the theatre. B’cos i think as per traditional indian values its still dirty and will be for some years too. But wait, India has changed !! Thanks to Internet and Mobiles.

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