How PS3 Changed my Life !

Sony Playstation 3 : The Beast Unleashed !

To start with, i was a purely PC guy once. Hooked up with lots of pirated games, copying and distributing and sharing of games for another was indeed a big trade for us. I’ve never looked at Playstation games and xbox games. Whenever i searched for top rated games i see this top lists dominated by PS3 and Xbox 360 games, i got angry seeing PC titles being toned down. Do you hear that ? Its the winds of change. So here i am, once a playstation hater (Although didn’t know much about it that time), now having a blast with PS3 in my home.

        What brings to me the PS3 ? Its the Big samsung 32″ LCD TV that brought all this. With great space comes great responsibility and I believed, to drive this, i definitely needed some serious horsepower. So the only option is PS3 or Xbox 360 since i’ve left PIRACY i’m pretty much devoid of some gaming experience recently. So how do you convince your family to buy you a thing which is mostly used for gaming in a Traditional keralite family ? I proposed with 3 qualities of PS3.
1. It can play Blu-ray HD and upscaled DVD a.k.a as a DVD player.
2. It has hardware similar to 1 lakh worth of computer.
3. It has harddisk with video and photo storing , a.k.a a complete assistant for a LCD tv.
         I mean it may seem to you as i cheated my parents to got this. Absolutely no ! If that’s the case how many children must’ve cheated their parents to buy a 50k laptop to do TurboC and Full time programming and learning (And afterall its just for movies and games right)!! With that money you could buy a PS3 and a decent PC for your daily needs. When will you guys wake up?
       PS3 was pretty cool. Simplicity was outstanding which doesn’t show any signs of the overly complex inside stuff. Just insert a DVD/Blu-ray game and start watching or Playing. No installation hazzles, compatibility problems, lots of AAA exclusive titles [Which comes with a price..] and No piracy Yet [ 3 guys have managed it but are in prison or at SONY security Dept]. Its Pure, simple ,powerful home multimedia gaming system , Period. And PC gaming, its not that we love you but its hard to keep you updated every month, besides the developers doesn’t get much to live from you, till then.

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