The Heavy setbacks of Strictness in College !

           To start saying, I’m not usually among the guys who cut the classes and went for movies, library and stuff. But i do like to have a Choice of being ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ the class. Yeah, for the parents it may seem a bit too student-friendly talk completely neglecting the motives of Management, even college itself !!! But on the Flip Side there’s newton’s third Law. For Every Action ………..Reaction.
               The Common belief in imposing these kind of strictness is that, by improving disciplinary actions the student’s level of discipline may improve. This is i think is 99% Wrong. Consider that if there’s a high Cutoff attendence percentage. Even if the Class is too Boring, or subjects are too dry even for the ‘bookworms’, all students must sit. So starts the frustration of students, and they indulge in other activities like sleeping, Talking and other side businesses. This is sure to frustrate a teacher, which may affect her/his interest in teaching and kind of feel humiliated. This in turn affects the performance of teaching which also affects the whole class.
           These kind of strictness may also constricts the student to be inside the class all the time. Due to fear of missing classes, he may skip other co-curricular activities. I Can assure you , doing co-curricular activities during classtime is actually great. You have that special interest in doing things during that time. Guess what, Most people self learn the topics themselves, even if they missed the classes.
       The Freedom could also gives the students a sense of separateness from the peers. Its is so much better if you are given a choice to cut class and get a RANK , than to get a Rank by confining everyone to the classroom.Its like the whole purpose of life. You are given choice of doing good or bad. IF you choose good that separates you from the masses. If everyone is made to do only good , then there is no point in doing good right ……….

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