Vacation, Games and Wasting of time

 Once again one more BIG Vacation arrived and soon will die soon. So as always Many plans have been made, although nothing much makes into action.So i’m not repeating same facts here.
   5 Days was swept away b Hyderabad trip. Rest of the days was hooked up by Games ,Huge Games namely Portal 2, Infamous , GTA IV and Pro evolution Soccer 2010.

 Portal 2 : I’m a die hard portal fan since i viewed the trailer of first. I’ve completed orange box and have been waiting for next installment and have been in love with it since i’ve seen all the videos of portal 2. Portal 2 is a instant mega hit , sweeping heavy comments on every websites. Playing it was a great experience. Dialogues, story line and puzzles all woven together seamlessly such that it gives you a movie like experience throughout. 5 stars from me.

Infamous : I’ve loved Infamous since i played the demo. The thing which makes it stand out is that, it gives you the feeling of that immense Power you have in your hands through PS3 Joystick. And it gives you choices between Good and Bad each with distinctive highlights. Powers are earned, upgraded and are utilized throughout. Enemies are evenly balanced and open world gameplay is apt.

GTA IV : I’m a bit disappointed by the look of GTA IV at the first time. Its somewhat dark, Sepia tone and like. But after playing few minutes i’m getting impressed and impressed . Again and Again. The new GTA have made advancements in each area, Adding Realism to every significant elements and removing some old Gta Nuisances. All this combined with great Characters, Soundtracks, witty & Explicit dialogues , Action sequences makes it a 10 out of 10 experience.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 : Football is all about excitement. Pro evolution is about realistic football. The thing about this game is that every time you play, there is always randomness, new oppurtunities to play different. The Legend mode explores the entire career of you as a player through a journey upto retirement.

 As Vacation comes close to an end, as always ending days seem to be thrice more productive than the early vacation.

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